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Driving Training Services

Jark Driving Ltd understands that your company is only as good as its drivers, which is why we are capable of facilitating a number of training services to ensure that drivers are up to date when it comes to qualifications and regulatory standards. 

Driver CPC

The Driver CPC is a requirement of EU Directive 2003/59 and is necessary in order to retain your HGV, LGV or PCV license. However, new drivers who have a C, C1 and C+E category license must obtain an Initial Driver CPC in addition to their license in order to drive professionally.

HGV drivers who obtained their license prior to September 10, 2009 have acquired rights, and do not have to take an Initial Driver CPC.

As part of the qualification, HGV drivers must undertake 35 hours of periodic training before September 10, 2014 and then every 5 years afterwards. DCPC is compulsory for most professional drivers.

The best way to go about this is to undertake 7 hours of training per year, this way you spread the time and cost of the training. The DCPC sessions are typically offered in 3.5 and 7 hour durations so they can be done over the course of a day or a weekend.


As any haulage firm will confirm, fuel is one of the industry's biggest expenditures; with fuel prices being as high as they are, it is vital that drivers understand the importance of fuel efficient driving.

As such, Jark Driving Ltd offers eFED, fuel efficiency driving courses, to ensure that drivers have an increased understanding of the significance that their driving style can have on fuel use.

The online course outlines several techniques which can be used prior to setting off, while on the road and back at the depot, to ensure that no fuel is wasted, ultimately saving money for the business.

The training is suitable for veteran and novice drivers and given the online nature of the programme, can be completed at leisure, which reduces travel costs and downtime.