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Power & Engineering

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Nuclear Jobs and Recruitment Service

The nuclear power industry relies upon specialist technology and well-trained engineers and managers to ensure it operates professionally and safely. Given that nuclear energy will likely be the country's main source of power in the coming decades, the industry needs access to qualified, capable staff to ensure it can continue to grow. 

However, nuclear engineering skills are in high demand and the number of candidates with the correct expertise, qualifications and outlook is falling. So, you can rest assured that Jark Power are able to source candidates for a wide range of roles within the nuclear power industry, to ensure that these operations run to schedule and to budget.

Whether it is building new reactors, or de-commissioning older stations, we will be able to find candidates suitable for the roles at hand. Typically, we can provide candidates for the following positions within the industry;

  • Process Engineers
  • Project Manager
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Health and Safety Engineers
  • Decommissioning Manager
  • Technical Authors

Having worked with some major names within the Nuclear power sector for over 5 years, Jark is well connected and recognised within the industry when it comes to supplying qualified, vetted staff.

For more information on how Jark Power can contribute to your nuclear recruitment strategy, please visit our website for our full contact details. We look forward to working with you.