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Modern Slavery

Modern Day Slavery policy

As an organisation we recognise our responsibilities towards eradicating Modern Slavery within the UK supply chain. This policy must be read in conjunction with the Company’s Ethical trading policy.

As supplier of temporary staff throughout various market places we recognise that we need to be alert at all times to the potential exploitation of our workers and the role that we must take in preventing human traffickers infiltrating our business and in turn our clients’ businesses and the supply chain in general.

As individuals and a Company, we have a responsibility to work both with clients, suppliers and government bodies to eradicate Modern Slavery from the UK.

All staff must be trained to recognise the potential signs of modern slavery and feel free and able to raise any concerns to either Management or external bodies when they feel that individuals are at risk of exploitation without fear of retribution.

All workers must be treated with respect at all times, overtime must be voluntary, no documents may be retained for any longer than is necessary to undergo right to work checks and under no circumstances can any worker be charged for any form of work finding services. 

Worker’s willingness to work in roles must be checked and workers must maintain freedom to choose whether or not they work without fear or detriment.