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Public Sector Recruitment

The chances are that you already have a list of preferred suppliers and no doubt disorderly queues of recruiters knocking on the door... So why give Jark the opportunity to deliver you may ask?

Most generalist recruitment companies fail to provide a good all round service because they are not focused on the exact requirements and lack the knowledge and experience in your sector. This is where Jark differs from the rest and can still deliver as a one stop solution to the Public Sector. Under the Jark group we have the specialists in our subsidiary companies to cover all areas of Public Sector requirements from health professionals to refuse collectors to building managers to labourers our dedicated, specialist divisions can cater for everything under one roof which means you only have to deal with one supplier.

Jark are experienced, established and pride ourselves on the quality of the personnel we provide to our customers. Every individual is carefully checked and all the necessary documentation is logged on our database to ensure the customer has the peace of mind that the staff being provided are 100% suitable and legal for the position.

Jark is one of the UK's leading specialists recruitment agencies supplying temporary and permanent staff to a wide range of private and public sector institutions from SME's to large national organisations. For several years Jark have ranked in the top 100 generalist recruitment companies in the UK and in the top 10 in some of our specialist areas out of approximately some 13,000+ companies in the UK

Our track record of good long working relationships with many of our clients provides proof we are hard to beat when it comes to quality, reliable service and supply.