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Domiciliary and Community Care

Jark Healthcare understands the needs for people to be able to stay at Home.

Jark Healthcare will enable you to retain your independence within your own surroundings.

If you are unable to leave your house unaccompanied we will supply a carer to come and keep you company and assist with your daily tasks, shopping, appointments, visits, or to meet friends.

If you are finding it difficult with managing to maintain your personal care levels due to mobility or illness, we can provide experienced, compassionate staff to provide a little extra assistance
Our dedicated staff will assist with all areas of personal care if required plus light housework, meal preparation and maintaining your daily activities.



Sleep peacefully knowing someone is there.

Jark Healthcare knows that being alone at night can be frightening and lonely, so to ensure you can have a peaceful night and feel supported, Jark will arrange a professional carer to come into your home and stay with you overnight in case you need assistance.
Through the evening, they will be on hand to respond to your needs. The carer will either sit in your room if required or within hearing distance and will be awake all night.
Jark Healthcare can also supply a carer for night sleeping. Whilst you are sleeping the carer will sleep and be there if you happen to wake and will attend to your needs up to twice a night, if you need assistance more than twice during the night this will then be charged at the waking night rate.

Jark Healthcare can arrange this service on a permanent basis or ad hoc, and will ensure continuity of care, the carer will get to know your needs and you can sleep peacefully knowing that you have a dedicated staff member on hand.



Complex Care

Jark Healthcare not only provides traditional care at home services, we specialise in the provision of care for clients with complex needs.

  • Head Injury Cases
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Mental Health
  • Dementia Care
  • Stroke
  • Physical Disabilities
  • Challenging Behaviour
  • Autism
  • Aspergers
  • Multiple Sclerosis



Supported Living

Jark Healthcare recognises that every person is unique.

Supported Living has been set up to enable and support individuals 18-65 years of age, who are living independently.
The service aims to assist people to remain in their community within their own home and, live as full and independent a life as possible.
Jark Healthcare can provide support for daily living skills to people living in the community, including practical and emotional support. Jark will co-ordinate with other services and resources.


What you can expect from our services.

  • You will have the right to have services designed to meet your needs.
  • You will be fully involved in planning and reviewing the services you receive.
  • To receive respect in regard to your needs, whether they are physical, social, emotional, sexual, cultural, spiritual or political.
  • To have your right to privacy and confidentiality respected.
  • To have the right to comment or complain about the service you receive.
  • To have your personal uniqueness recognised.
  • To be treated as an individual whose views are listened to.
  • To retain control of your life.


Our philosophy is to provide a wide range of tailored services to people with disabilities, learning difficulty or developmental disorders.
Our staff members support people in their activities of daily living and promote and enable social inclusion and citizenship to the persons own individual required level. Their role is to: Facilitate Enable, Support, Communicate, and Empower.

Jark Healthcare are fully aware that over half of people requiring life time support also have or can develop additional conditions, which means that our workers will often need to be trained above and beyond the basic induction standard.
With this in mind, Jark Healthcare can offer their staff a wide range of additional training that will ensure that we can provide a holistic approach to meet the individual, ever-changing needs of our clients and service users.

For more information on our Domiciliary, Community, supported living and life time Care packages please contact one of our branches.