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Personal Care and Support

Personal care and support are probably the broadest types of care that we deliver as it involves skilled assistance with most aspects of daily life.

Personal care normally includes help with washing, oral care, feeding, dressing, getting up/going to bed and/or assistance with medication. It is a very flexible type of care and can be arranged for a duration and frequency to suit everyone's needs. Support can involve less hands-on care, as it focus on help with daily activities such as paying bills, meeting friends and family and trips out. It is a vital part of ensuring that individuals maintain their independence for as long as possible.

Carer Break:

Our Carer Breaks or Repsite service is aimed at supporting those individuals who already care for someone, but who now need a break. Whether that break be for a holiday, illness or planned event which means that additional help is needed in place of the usual carer.

We will work closely with all parties involved with the care to make sure that the handover is as seamless as possible and care be available on an hourly or daily basis or as a live-in care package.

Complex Care:

There may be occasions when a more complex level of Care at Home is required and Jark Homecare has a fantastic reputation and previously proven track record of caring for people with complex needs.

Using appropriately trained nursing and care staff, we work closely with other individuals and organisations that tend to be involved in these types of care and then plan in detail how the care will be delivered.

Some of the Complex Care needs that we can assist with include:

  • Stoma Care
  • Gastrostomy Feeding
  • Entreal/Peg Feeding
  • Oral Suctioning
  • Bowel Management
  • Tracheotomy Care
  • Oxygen Management


If you feel like a little extra company, our Care and Support Workers can visit and sit with you simply to share a cup of tea, have a chat, watch television or assist with your daily activities. Visits can be arranged daily, weekly or on a more ad-hoc basis to suit you and we are always careful to match our staff as best we can to your lifestyle and personality, to make sure you look forward to the company.