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Specialist Homecare

Dementia Care:

Being diagnosed with dementia can come as a shock. It can be a worrying and upsetting time - not only for the sufferer, but for those close to them - and everyone affected needs a great deal of reassurance and support.

At Jark Homecare we understand that when someone finds that their mental abilities are declining, they feel vulnerable. We also understand that taking care of someone you know and love who is suffering from dementia can be very stressful and upsetting - particularly if, as in most cases, they don't even realise they actually have the condition.

Our Care and Support Workers are a vital lifeline to help those with dementia to live as independently as possible whilst retaining their sense of identity and self-respect. They are also invaluable to family and friends for much needed support and respite

Any kind of successful home support relies on careful and thorough preparation and planning and this is particularly true of support for people with dementia and their carers. We work closely with the customer and their carers to create an individually tailored care plan that meets the changing needs of all parties. Whether the requirement is for frequent visits to simply check that everything is OK, or for short or extended periods to give carers a much needed break, our services place the needs, wishes and aspirations of the customer at the heart of the care and support process.

In times of great uncertainly, we offer continuity, reliability and flexibility of response that helps to give back choice and control to the customer.

Jark Homecare has Care and Support Workers available who are qualified and experienced to deal with all forms and stages of dementia including Alzheimer's Disease.

For a free, no obligation assessment, contact your local branch and we can arrange for a representative to visit you to discuss your requirements. They will take the time to make sure that the care plan is specifically designed and adapted to suit your personal needs.

Learning Disabilities:

Our philosophy and core values for supporting people with learning disabilities are in direct accordance with the Government's Valuing People Now Agenda 

-To enable people with learning disabilities to lead full and purposeful lives within their community.
-To enable more people with learning disabilities to have as much choice and control as possible over their lives through a person centred approach.
-To enable people with learning disabilities and their families to have greater choice and control over where and how they live.
-Have opportunities to study and enjoy leisure and social activities.

All care staff receive specialist training on Learning Disabilities, Autism, Challenging Behaviour & Supported Living.

Case Management:

Our specialist Case Management service aims to support individuals who have acquired brain injury and spinal injury and those with conditions such as cerebral palsy by working with Case Managers to achieve a person centred approach, promoting self-esteem, support life-skills and individuality and enabling freedom of choice.

The main emphasis of our care at home is on rehabilitation and promoting independence, choice and to ensure that those in our care are always treated with dignity and respect.

End of Life Care:

Many people want to die in the comfort and familiarity of their own home, in their own bed and surrounded by their loved ones. However, few people have the experience of caring for someone who is dying and the thought of looking after someone you know and love can be a frightening prospect.

Knowing what to expect when someone nears the end of their life is really important - both for the person who is ill and for their family and friends. Feelings of pain and loss are, of course, unavoidable, but having professional help and support can go a long way in helping prepare for the physical and emotional changes ahead.

At Jark Homecare we are committed to providing flexible, responsive and individually tailored end of life care to people in their own homes. Our Care and Support Workers play a vital role in helping people to approach the end of their life with compassion, dignity and respect whilst receiving care that is focused on their own choices. They are also invaluable to family and friends for much needed support and respite.

We understand that everyone's needs are different and constantly changing and our care and support services are individually tailored to the needs of the customer and their carers. Our service can also be called upon at short notice to support people to return home from hospital as soon as possible.

Children and Younger Person's:

Our Homecare service for children aims to put the child or young person right at the heart of the care they receive, so that we can support and empower children, young people and families in choice and decision-making in order to achieve positive outcomes.

We provide homecare services to those children with conditions such as diabetes and palliative care for children with life-limiting conditions. We also provide short breaks services in line with the Aiming High for Disabled Children programme.

These are just some of the support services to enable disabled children and young people to live ordinary lives at home in their local communities, particularly the Every Child Matters outcomes. Our Risk and Needs Assessment for these services are in line with the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) and all staff receive specialist training in this area.

The main emphasis is on rehabilitation and promoting independence, choice and to ensure that those in our care are always treated with dignity and respect.